As a restaurant or retail store owner embarking on a construction project for your business, be sure to work with a contractor who has vast experience dealing with building inspectors, municipal codes, permitting obligations, and health and safety requirements. Keep in mind, too, that although there are issues common to restaurant or retail construction, each use and space design will also present its own variety of opportunities and challenges.

No matter how large or small your project, and whether it is a high end, value, sleek, or ornate environment you are trying to achieve, Glenn Construction, Inc. should be your top consideration as a custom construction company in Tampa, FL. We are highly skilled in tailoring our services and customizing your space as a new project, an addition, a renovation, or a build out. We understand that the priority for any commercial construction project is to stay on budget, meet critical completion dates, and never lose focus on meeting that grand opening date. As a business owner, our firm recognizes that your intent is to open flawlessly and generate revenue as soon as possible. We view those needs as critical. Glenn Construction, Inc. always strives to exceed expectations, never sacrificing quality or safety.

We Value Our Client’s Input

Glenn Construction, Inc. knows how important your input and control is for achieving the environment that accommodates your needs and preferences. We also understand how uniquely important the design and construction are to the end customers who visit your establishment, and we respect the branding value of the environment you strive to achieve. Quality construction services and attention to detail can make or break your restaurant or retail store. We regard that as a large part of our responsibility and work meticulously to help ensure your success.

Our Role

The expertise and role of Glenn Construction, Inc. as your Tampa general contractors includes:

  • Project plan design
  • Provide copies of as-built drawings and specifications
  • Submitting plans to the required municipalities, and obtaining licenses and insurance documentation for the required parties
  • Coordination and oversite of schedule, budget, and safety with architect, subcontractors, vendors, landlord and any applicable parties
  • Coordinate delivery dates and protection for all products, materials, and fixtures of the project
  • Adherence to defined construction and work hour requirements of the property owner or landlord
  • Oversite of all phases of construction and adherence to the project plans
  • Ensure all inspections are completed, permits are signed off on, and a CEO is obtained
  • Ensure all electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, lighting, flooring, partitions, walls, fixtures, fire safety systems, ADA requirements, trash, waste, and dock requirements are in compliance with the local department of building and safety and with the state health departments

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Glenn Construction, Inc. can handle your entire project, no matter how complex or seemingly minor, from design to completed construction. We have extensive experience with a wide range of projects in the restaurant and retail sectors. Our team knows how to maximize quality, keep costs affordable, and complete projects on time. For a smooth and trouble-free construction process with an exceptional commercial contractor as your partner, contact the custom commercial construction firm of Glenn Construction, Inc. today. We are eager to hear about your project and goals and to share our insight and knowledge. We look forward to working together to achieve the environment you envision!

“I am so grateful to have met David with Glenn Construction! I am a new business owner that that left a Corporate job with a dream to take a chance on myself. I met with David and explained my idea of having an indoor cycling studio that would play music videos in the dark with black lights. Every step of the way David’s communication exceeded my expectations. His work ethic and attention to detail goes way beyond the call of duty. To say I am forever grateful to David and Glenn Construction is an understatement. I highly recommend Glenn Construction and I truly hope I have another opportunity to work with him in the future.”